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    • 2019

    • 2018

    • Fifth factories were set up, and the national support program of the Ministry of science and technology was successfully concluded. The Ministry of industry and commerce is listed in the "industrial r

    • 2017

    • In December, a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Baiao Intelligent Equipment (Neijiang) Co., Ltd., was established in Neijiang, Sichuan Province. It has won the third prize for scientific and technolog

    • 2016

    • In August, it was listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system (Securities Code 838555).

    • 2015

    • Operating revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, and participated in the National Science and Technology Support Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology led by Dalian Technological Computer Cont

    • 2014

    • Acquired the recognition of Jiangsu Optical-Mechanical Integrated Manufacturing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, the first major equipment key components identification project in Jia

    • 2013

    • Establishment of trade unions; Establishment of Party branches; Achievement of small and medium-sized enterprises with local characteristics in Jiangsu Province in 2013, Suzhou Automation Equipment En

    • 2012

    • Through the ISO 9001-2008 certification of German TUV Company; won the high-tech enterprises, Kunshan municipal enterprise technology center, Kunshan enterprise research and development institutions,

    • 2011

    • The establishment of Bai Shui branch covers an area of 3700 yuan. At present, Bai Ao has a total area of 5000. The company set up a complete quality management system.

    • 2010

    • Our company has maintained rapid and stable development with a turnover exceeding ten million yuan.

    • 2009

    • Our company has maintained rapid and stable development with a turnover exceeding ten million yuan.

    • 2008

    • The company''s turnover has doubled.

    • 2007

    • The company successfully developed the first 3D testing equipment, and became the only domestic furniture company with independent intellectual property rights.

    • 2006

    • In January 2006, Kunshan Baiao Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It has its own independent machining, covering a total area of 1600 feet.